Friday, July 31, 2009

Gladiator WIP

So here's the gladiator so far. Lit using an HDR Image and 3 point lighting. Need to work on boots shoulder guard and the belt across his chest. Then its off to making his 2 weapons. Next is the rig to pose him. The final stage will be texturing him.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gladiator Helmet

Working on a new character just trying to master zbrush,normal mapping, and refining my character workflow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here's an update on the alleyway environment. I had my friend Kazz give me a quick lighting direction to remove alot of the straight edge lines on the roof which in return breaks up the shadows on the ground so the alley doesnt look like sharp lines all over the place. Added a little bit more dirt on the walls and may consider adding one more dirt overlay to dirty up those in betweens of the bricks.

Also in his sketch he added some volumetric lighting to break up the scene and to add a good contrast, so I added some volumetetric lighting in post.

Human Anatomy Study

Now that I have 4 Gb of ram, I can actually work in Zbrush and get work at levels past 4. Thats certainly helped with the body since I have to go into level 7 to get it pretty smooth looking since I drop my models into Zbrush pretty low.

I'm figuring out this female face structure and eliminating my old final fantasy style that gets done to my faces when I do it in maya. So the new work flow is just get it done right in zbrush and export the low poly and high poly back into maya. Currently this head still needs some work.

I gotta bring it back into maya and get the eyes a little closer. I know there are people with their eyes further apart like this image but I just wanna bring the eyes closer for this face style.

I watched some Black Hawk Down recently so I wanna do some soldiers soon. Prepping up a new male base model and hopefully get a Ranger and Delta Force soldier done by end of next month after finishing these past projects. Also wanna get a gladiator character done to showcase male human anatomy.

Pretty much how I work is quickly get the groundwork on the projects I wanna do and go back and refine that way my eyes don't get adjusted to what I'm looking at so I can see my mistakes.


Another environment I worked on in the past few days. Still needs some more polish. Watching some Wall-e and examining their texture work and dealing with detail in the distance a day ago, so when I find some time I'll try to see what else I can do to do this scene through a paint over first to make sure it will contribute to images when I do it in 3D.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alleyway Environment

Here's an environment I've been working on. Hoping to get it to a cgtalk choice award quality. Still trying to workout what can be done to bring it towards that non 3D look.