Monday, July 20, 2009

Human Anatomy Study

Now that I have 4 Gb of ram, I can actually work in Zbrush and get work at levels past 4. Thats certainly helped with the body since I have to go into level 7 to get it pretty smooth looking since I drop my models into Zbrush pretty low.

I'm figuring out this female face structure and eliminating my old final fantasy style that gets done to my faces when I do it in maya. So the new work flow is just get it done right in zbrush and export the low poly and high poly back into maya. Currently this head still needs some work.

I gotta bring it back into maya and get the eyes a little closer. I know there are people with their eyes further apart like this image but I just wanna bring the eyes closer for this face style.

I watched some Black Hawk Down recently so I wanna do some soldiers soon. Prepping up a new male base model and hopefully get a Ranger and Delta Force soldier done by end of next month after finishing these past projects. Also wanna get a gladiator character done to showcase male human anatomy.

Pretty much how I work is quickly get the groundwork on the projects I wanna do and go back and refine that way my eyes don't get adjusted to what I'm looking at so I can see my mistakes.

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