Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift when she wins MTV Music Video Award

So Yahoo news told me today about how Kanye went up and ranted on stage right when Taylor Swift won her MTV Video Award. Wow that's a pretty rude thing to do.
He pretty much was talking about how Beyonce's Single Women video should've won.

Anyways I watched this Taylor Swift music video and yeah compared to Single Women was alot better and deserved the win at least compared to Beyonce's.

I did not know that the You Belong to me song is considered Country and her song sounded pretty good for a Country song and that's coming from a person that doesn't like Country music.

The video, if you haven't seen it, is kinda like the movie "She's all That". You got this hot chick who for the sake doing the whole ugly duckling to swan bit is given this look ok being the girl that is not deemed hot by our society by giving her glasses and giving her that whole "I'm an outsider" vibe. The thing is she's still hot even with that whole "outsider" vibe. So a girl who was like that in real life actually got a lot of attention from guys even though that was her style. And if she didn't then damn I'd like to get to know her.

Anyways it still has that whole crap about some girl who really wants this guy. The video becomes a little original by having the guy actually like the girl next door as well but did not go to the girl earlier due to being in a relationship and did not want to be the jerk to break off with his gf to go run off with another chick. This is my interpretation.

In the end Kanye, you're going to end up losing your fan base with your shenanigans if you keep that up. He did post a reply saying he is sorry but still you gotta make sure next time to not commit the sin that way you won't have to come to the point of making yourself look rude. You must give Kanye credit for at least being honest with his opinion.

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